Camille offers anti-oppressive facilitation, to help foster collective experiences of embodied resilience and liberation.

Camille centres their practice on the experiences of Black women, femmes, non-binary/gnc individuals who have lived experiences of misogynoir. Camille is also experienced in holding containers for Black, Indigenous, and otherwise racialized groups, as well as mixed/integrated* group experiences.

*Camille works with mixed/integrated groups whose organizations are committed to disrupting colonial oppression and engage competent and adequate levels of support for their participant populations.

Raqs Al Somatics

A healing-centered and somatic-based practice (somatic Bellydance), integrating African dance arts of MENAHT / SWANA cultures with modern and contemporary dance. Through embodied inquiries and somatic exploration of movements, a holistic practice is cultivated. The practice is highly informed from studies and training in Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance) and integrated somatic modalities.

Soul Sessions: Somatic explorations for the soul

This unique offering is a one-on-one session supporting dancers/movers of all levels in their unique journey of gathering insight for personal/professional growth. This practice uses somatics (born of indigenous, spiritual, holistic practices) ; otherwise described as first person sensate information, in relation to the world. A container is held and invitations are offered. Somatic inquiries are suggested/ guided to support embodied explorations.

No prior dance background is required.

With Heart; From the Inside, Out

This open level somatic movement & dance workshop explores our heart space from the inside, out. With guided somatic explorations, we consider what support for the inner landscape of the heart is needed to be out in the world.  Holding curiosity and reverence, moving together, we embody our heart space with tenderness and care.

Innate Resilience: A somatic approach to movement and dance

This open level workshop explores how we can access our innate resilience through movement and dance practices. Slowing down from the rapid pace of our cognitive processing we learn to tune in to our sensory intelligence, intuition and body wisdom. Participants are offered a basic understanding of somatics and its effects on nervous system regulation. This will be used as a foundation for guided explorations that help us connect with our self and the environment.  

Like water

“All water has a perfect memory…” Toni Morrison.

Inspired by the quote of Toni Morrison, African Indigenous spirituality and movement patterns, this open level, somatic movement and dance workshop explores the healing, protective properties of water. Participants are invited to embody liberation practices, through guided movements that invoke opportunities to re-member and re-claim the whole self.

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